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Capture granular detail on your prospects and enable interaction on your own white-label video channels, interact and convert to customers like never before.

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We can ensure that the best media for engaging the minds of your customers is now the means by which you can do so much more:

Click to buy/vote/share alll withouth leaving the video

Get instant feedback on offers, polls, purchases

See incredibly detailed analytics- most popular videso, highest converting, establish the point at which the customer takes the “most wanted action”

Fully capture mobile device data including telophone number and email addresses together with analytics data for user and device specific events

Gather user data

Terms of Service ensures that you capture contact numbers and emails of viewers of your videos.

Plan and Build

Interrogate your highly detailed analytics to build campaigns based on hard data.

Your magical marketing advantage

Engage, understand, communicate with and develop life-long customers.

Happy Customers

In understanding at a granular level what customers with on your videos, you can amend and adapt your campaigns to go where the traction is.  Uncertainty and wheel spinning are confined to the past.